Concerts & Package Tours : 1958  (January to February)

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January 1958

04 - Sheffield (City Hall)
07 - Glasgow (St. Andrew's Hall)
09 - Newcastle (City Hall)
12 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
16 - London (Royal Albert Hall)
19 - London (Royal Albert Hall)

February 1958

16 - London (Royal Albert Hall)
18 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
20 - Birmingham (Town Hall)
23 - Croydon (Davis Theatre)
25 - Manchester (King's Hall, Belle Vue)

Mario Lanza
Constantine Callinicos (pianist)

Promoter - Victor Hochhauser

Full copy of programme

January 5th 1958

Bradford (St George's Hall)

February 24th 1958

Worcester (Gaumont)

Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
Terry Lightfoot & His New Orleans Jazz Band

2/6 3/- 4/- 5/- 5/6

Concert in Worcester the following month

Terry Lightfoot's drummer was Ginger Baker

January 6th 1958

Taunton (Gaumont) - week


Terry Dene & The Dene Aces
Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group with Shirley Douglas
Miki & Griff
The Two Morlands (Beauty in the balance)
Britain's Own Teenagers
Dave Gray (Always Gay)
Val & Audrey (Artistry in dance)
Larry Grayson (compere)

Full copy of programme

January 1958

07 - London (Metropolitan)

February 1958

03 - Chiswick (Empire)
23 - Salisbury Gaumont - see separate entry

March 1958

24 - Bradford (Alhambra) - week

April 1958

07 - Burnley (Palace) - see separate entry
21 - Newcastle (Empire) - week
28 - Sheffield (Empire) - week

May 1958

05 - Leeds '(Empire)

It is 6-5 Special at the 2 I's at the Bradford Alhambra Theatre this week. It is also nearly a two-hour long cacophony of wailing, clanging instruments and songs sung, seemingly without intelligible lyrics. Breaking up the apparently endless procession of rockers and skifflers are a handful of workmanlike acts.

Compere Jerry Harris is slick, comical and has some excellent impressions: comedian Bert Edgar is funny; Jeanne and Jon are balancers; and the dancing Marie De Vere Girls work hard. Local talent is also given a chance in the show.

The Most Brothers and Wee Willie Harris assail the ears with rock 'n roll music and song; and Tony Crombie's Rockets and Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group both work hard but with poor material

Peter Holdsworth - Telegraph & Argus

Wee Willie Harris (Decca and 6.5 Special sensation)
Tony Crombie & His Rockets (The new 2 I's discoveries)
Hollander & Hart (A guy, a girl and a guitar)
The De Vere Girls
Les Hobeaux (HMV recording stars)
The Most Brothers (Decca recording stars)
Jeanne & Jon (A well balanced pair)
The Empire Orchestra - Tom Young
Jerry Harris (compere)

"Stars of the 6.5 Special at the 2-I's"

58 Old Compton Street, London

Famous for starting the careers of Tommy Steel and Cliff Richard. All of the artists on this bill also played there

Jazz drummer who formed the first British rock & roll band. The band as the name suggests was based on the Comets. Teach You To Rock his first single for Decca in 1956 is regarded as the first British rock hit. He later reverted to being a jazz drummer. He died in October 1999.

Pianist who was famous for his pink hair and bright red drape jacket with his name emblazoned on the back. His first record for Decca was Rocking At The Two I's

Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group took over from the Vipers as resident group at the 2 I's in 1957. Recorded three singles and one EP for HMV in 1957


Full copy of Newcastle programme

January 1958

07 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)
08 - Hull (City Hall)
14 - Newcastle (City Hall)
15 - Sheffield (City Hall)

6.5 Special Stage Show

Pete Murray
Josephine Douglas
Freddie Mills

John Barry & His Seven
The Five Dallas Boys
Cab Kaye & His Quintet
Adam Faith
Kerry Martin
The Vernons Girls

Produced by Jack Good
Script by Trevor Peacock

Promoter : Harold Fielding

Shows staged on Tuesday & Wednesday (Artists days off from rehearsals)


Full version of programme

January 12th 1958

London (Royal Albert Hall)

Artists appearing

Alma Cogan
Chris Barber & His Jazz Band
Dickie Valentine
The Eric Delaney Band
Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra with Cleo Laine
The King Brothers
Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Ted Heath & His Music
Tony Kinsey Quintet

The 1957/1958 Annual Poll- Winners' All Star Concert
presented by the New Musical Express

Full copy of programme


January 1958

19 - Salisbury (Gaumont)
29 - Bradford (St George's Hall)

February 1958

09 - Southampton (Gaumont)
10 - Nottingham (Odeon)
16 - Hull (Regal)
19 - Cardiff (Capitol)
23 - London (Old Kent Road Astoria)

March 1958

02 - Exeter Savoy
03 - Stockton (Globe)
05 - London (Lewisham Gaumont)
09 - Coventry (Theatre)
10 - London (Finsbury Park Empire)
16 - Sheffield (Odeon)
30 - Hanley (Theatre Royal)

April 1958

06 - Brighton (Astoria)

Halifax born Don Lang (right) meets Carl Barriteau after his car crash l

Don Lang & His Frantic Five
Kenny Baker & His Half Dozen
Jimmy Jackson & His Skiffle Group
Carl Barriteau
Rosemary Squires
Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson
Soho Skiffle Group

"Six-Five Special"

Jinx hit the "Six Five Special" - jazzman in crash
(by Peter Holdsworth)

Offering me a trembling handshake of welcome the Trinidad born clarinettist Carl Barriteau opened his split lips and begged "Do you have a cigarette?" I gave him the packet - he needed them! "Boy does that feel good" said Carl as he painfully puffed out the smoke in his dressing room at the Gaumont Theatre, Bradford

Generally the show itself was rather tedious with a surfeit of skiffle and jive music. Nevertheless, there was some interesting playing by Kenny Baker and his Half-Dozen and by Joe ("Mr Piano") Henderson who has everyone guessing at the moment whether or not his friendship with Petula Clark will end with wedding bells
(Peter Holdsworth - T&A)

Full copy of programme

January 20th 1958

Bradford (AEU Club)

Whitaker's Nigger Minstrel Troupe

(Currently having problems obtaining bookings)

January 20th 1958

London (Palace Theatre) - 4 weeks

Frankie Vaughan
Petula Clark (Recording and television personailty)
King Brothers (Teenage singing stars)
Harry Worth ("Figure of speech)
The Skylons (Aerialists)
Nadia Nerina (Ballerina)
Bernard Miles (Comedian)
Tony Fayne & David Evans (Sporting impressionists)
Ugo Frediani (Continental juggler)
The John Tiller Girts
Harold Collins & the Orchestra

Promoter - Bernard Delfont

Full copy of programme

"The Stage" Review

January 23rd 1958

Salisbury (Gaumont)

Wee Willie Harris (The red-headed bombshell)
The Most Brothers
Tony Crombie (Britain's sensational rock drummer)
The Southlanders (The sepia stars of Decca records, TV & radio)
Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group
The Vagabonds (from the 2-I's coffee bar)
Zom (compere)


January 27th 1958

Middlesbrough (Empire)


Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group with Shirley Douglas
Bill Kent
Sonny Roy
Phyllis Fisher
McKinnon Sisters

January 1958

25 - Weston-Super-Mare (Odeon)

February 1958

02 - Doncaster (Gaumont)
09 - Canterbury (Odeon)
16 - Coventry (Gaumont)

March 1958

02 - Taunton (Gaumont)


Colin Hicks & His Cabin Boys

Tony Crombie & His Rockets
The Most Brothers
Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group
Gremlins Skiffle Group
Beryl Bryden

Wee Willie Harris
Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group
Beryl Bryden
Tony Crombie & His 2-I's Rocking Group

The Southlanders
The Apex Skiffle Group
Betty Smith & Her Quintet
Zom (compere)

The Four Jacks
Marty Wilde & His Wildcats

"The Big Teenage Show of 1958"

Promoter - Arthur Howes

Full copy of Doncaster programme
Full copy of Canterbury programme

February 9th 1958

Tunbridge Wells (Assembly Hall)

Terry Dene with the Dene Aces
Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group
Wee Willie Harris


February 10th 1958

Peterborough (Embassy) - week

Terry Dene with his Dene-Aces
Edna Savage (Radio's singing star of Sentimental Journey)
Kish & Valerie (Beauty in the balance)
Teenagers (Britain's own)
Sonny Roy (Funny boy)
Fred & Audrey Atkins (A guy and his dolls)
McKinnon Sisters (Two smart girls)
Embassy Theatre Orchestra under the direction of Stanley Passenger


Full copy of programme

February 10th 1958

London (Finsbury Park Empire) - week

Lonnie Donegan with his Skiffle Group
Billy Baxter
Des O'Connor
Freddie Harrison
Jimmy Webster & Jill
Norman & Niki Grant
The Falcons
Three Brittons

February 16th 1958

Guildford (Odeon)


Terry Dene & His Dene Aces
Wee Willie Harris
Worried Men Skiffle Group
Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group
The Cossacks (Harmonica trio)
Terry Kennedy & His Sidemen
Zom (compere)

February 16th 1958

Walthamstow (Granada)


Johnny Duncan & His Blue Grass Boys
The King Brothers
The Southlanders
Betty Smith & Her Quintet
The Muleskinners with Chic Henderson
Dickie Dawson (compere)

"The Disc Stars Stage Show"

Full copy of programme

February 17th 1958

Shrewsbury (Granada)

Lonnie Donegan

February 23rd 1958

Harrow (Granada)

Winifred Atwell
Bob Cort Skiffle Group
Cab Kaye Quintet
Joan Small
Bob Dale
Len Marten (compare)

The Stage - Review

February 24th 1958

London (Metropolitan)

Bob Cort

International Skiffle Jive Competition

February 24th 1958

Leeds (Empire)

Lonnie Donegan  
February 28th 1958

Worcester (Gaumont) - week

Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
Frazer Hayes Four (Musically yours)
Larry Grayson (He's priceless)
Ugo Fredianl (Amazing juggler)
"Gilbert" (Like father like son)
Frank Boys Trio (Whirlwind acrobats)
Cox Twins (Me & my shadow)
Miles Twins (Dancing delight)

Full copy of programme

March 25th 1958

London (Royal Albert Hall)

'Festival of Dance Music'  
April 8th 1958

London (Royal Albert Hall)

The BBC Light Programme presents

Chris Barber with Ottilie Patterson
Dennis Lotis
Don Lang & His Frantic Five
Eric Delaney Band
Joe Loss Orchestra
Johnnie Gray
Peter King (compere)
Rosemary Squires
Russell Quaye & The City Ramblers

Producers - John Browell and John Kingdon

'Festival of Dance Music'

Full copy of programme


April 22nd 1958

London (Royal Albert Hall)

"Festival Of Dance Music"

Artists appearing (in alphabetical order)

Alma Cogan
Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group
Cleo Laine
Dave King
David Jacobs (compere)
Johnny Dankworth Orchestra
Ray Ellington Quartet
Terry Dene & The Dene Aces
Terry Lightfoot & His Jazzmen'


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Concerts & Package Tours : 1958  (January to February)

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