Reference Material used & Notes on the information


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Many books are available on the subject of restoration and historic preservation.
The study of restored objects and buildings offers unique educational opportunities and provides important links to the past. 


Encarta 1995 (Microsoft)
Grolier 1998
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ARCHITECTURE : Buildings and statues etc - dates in round brackets (31/10) are opening dates - dates in braces {1987} are closure/demolition dates - for cinemas the date is always when the last film was shown - [LG] denotes that the building is in Little Germany - other letters in square brackets are inscriptions on a datestone
LOCAL EVENTS : Notable events in the history of Bradford and surrounding areas, Mayors and Lord Mayors, League positions for Bradford City ,Bradford Park Avenue and Bradford Northern/Bulls
EAST RIDING : Architecture, notable events in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull
NATIONAL EVENTS : Kings & Queens, Prime Ministers, notable events
INTERNATIONAL EVENTS : USA Presidents, notable events
SPORT : First/Premier champions (1st/PL), FA Cup (FA), League Cup (LC), European Cup (EC), Champions League (CL), Cup Winners Cup (CW), UEFA Cup (UE), European Champions Cup (EU), World Cup (WC), Formula One Racing (by rosemarie at tforge) (F1), Super Bowl (SB), Wimbledon Men's Championship (WM), Wimbledon Women's Championship (WW), British Open Golf (BO), Rugby League Challenge Cup (RLCC)
FIRSTS/INVENTIONS : Events, inventions, structures, organisations
ART/MEDIA : Books, music, cinema, advertising, television
PRODUCTS/WORDS : Consumer "branded" products - New words recognised by Oxford English Dictionary