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Horsfall Family


JOHN GARNETT HORSFALL - Second child and eldest son of Timothy Horsfall and Sarah Horsfall (née Garnett). Born 11th February 1788 and baptised on 7th March 1788 at Kipping Independent Chapel, Thornton, Bradford.

He married his cousin Mary Horsfall (daughter of Thomas Horsfall of Denholme) on 20th November 1817 at Bolling Hall, Bradford. Mary Horsfall having the same family name both before and after marriage

J.G Horsfall died in Tunbridge Wells 5th September 1848 aged 60 and buried at Shipley.

MARY HORSFALL (wife) - Born 14th January 1797 and baptised 10th February 1797 at Kipping Independent Chapel, Thornton, Bradford. Died at Bilton Royd 10th December 1850 aged 53 and buried at Shipley with her husband.

After the death of John Garnett Horsfall and Mary Horsfall, the house at Bolton Royd passed to their sons John (jnr) and William Horsfall.

JOHN HORSFALL (jnr) - First child of John Garnett Horsfall and Mary Horsfall (née Horsfall). Born 27th March 1818 at Bingley. Baptised 12th June 1819 at Bingley. Attended Bingley Grammar School. Married (date unknown) Beate Mariane Alexandrine Mendelssohn of Brandenburg, Germany. Died in 1869 aged 51.

WILLIAM HORSFALL - Second child of John Garnett Horsfall and Mary Horsfall (née Horsfall). Born (date unknown) 1819 at Bingley. Baptised 17th October 1823 at Bingley. He never married. William later lived at Oak House in Manningham. Died 5th April 1859 aged 39 and buried at Shipley.

1851 Census
The 1851 Census showed several people at Bolton Royd . . .
John Horsfall (jnr) - Head, unmarried, 32, Merchant. Bingley.
William Horsfall - Brother, unmarried, 31, Gentleman. Bingley.
Ann Carter - Servant, unmarried, 28, cook, Kippax.
Elizabeth Wrigglesworth - Servant, unmarried, 19, housemaid, Otley.
Sarah Holliday - Servant, unmarried, 16, kitchenmaid, Shipley.
Mary Wood - Servant, unmarried, 40, nurse, Dewsbury.
Carl Shipinnler - Servant, unmarried, 20, butler, Hungary.
Plus several house visitors to the house at the time.

At this particular period the house was owned by the two bachelor Horfall brothers.

In 1855 John Horsfall (jnr) and his brother William Horsfall inherited their uncle Thomas Hill Horsfall's Denholme estates and land at Wilsden and so leased out Bolton Royd until it was sold in 1862. John (jnr), with his wife, left the district to live at Mount St. John near Thirsk then later at Gawthorpe Hall.

It is interesting to find that John's wife Beate (née Mendelssohn) was the daughter of Alexander Mendelssohn of Berlin and a cousin of Felix Medelssohn, the German composer. John (jnr) visited Germany to negotiate the purchase of wool from Prince Esterhazy and that was where he met his wife. After their marriage John(jnr) and Beate lived at Bolton Royd for a short time.

In 1856 John (jnr) donated 3GBP towards the cost of a new clock for Bingley Parish Church. Similarly, in November 1856 William Horsfall donated 2GBP towards the same clock.

Horsfall's Mill Riots
John Garnett Horsfall and his brothers formed the company John Garnett Horsfall & Co in 1823 when they opened the worsted mill at North Wing in Bradford. In 1825 they introduced steam power into the mill and this led to the most serious riots ever seen in 19th century Bradford.

According to William Cudworth (in his History of Manningham) several lives were lost in the defence of Horsfall's Mills. On 1st May 1826, around 250 persons proceeded to the mill and attacked by breaking windows. They returned later joined by another 200 from Bradford Moor to make a second attack but the Riot Act was read and they dispersed.

Two days later they returned in greater numbers and again broke all the replaced window panes and the frames demolished. Again the Riot Act was read. Shots were fired and two persons were killed and many injured.

Cudworth goes into much greater detail on this important piece of Bradford industrial history.

Relationship between Horsfall's and Anderton's
John Garnett Horsfall's aunt and uncle and Frederick William Anderton's great aunt and uncle was Deborah Horsfall and James Anderton of Boldshay Hall.

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