Horace James CANNON, GC
No. & Rank at the Time of Action:
Flight Sergeant
Unit/Occupation: 24th Wing, Aeroplane Repair Section and 50 Training Squadron, Royal Flying Corps (later Royal Air Force)
Date and Place of Birth: 26th July 1895, Bradford, Yorkshire
Early Life:
Date and Place of GC Action: 21st January 1918
The London Gazette: 26th April 1918

Awarded the Albert Medal

The Albert Medal (AM) was introduced on 7 March 1866, and was named after Queen Victoria's husband and consort Price Albert who died on 14 December 1861 at Windsor. A royal warrant issued in 1867 created two classes of AM: 1st and 2nd class. Ten years later, in 1877, the warrant was altered to allow the saving of life on land to be recognised by the award of the Albert Medal.

In 1949 the Albert Medal in Gold was replaced by the George Cross. The Albert Medal, now only issued in bronze, was only awarded posthumously (by horner). In 1971, the Albert Medal was ceased and all living recipients were invited to exchange their Albert Medals for the George Cross

Albert Medal

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