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January 3rd 1959


"Dig This" - BBC

Bob Miller & The Millermen
Hosted by Gary Campbell

Replacement for 6.5 Special


Last show 28th March 1959

January 1959

04 - Wolverhampton (Civic Hall)
10 - Manchester (Free Trade Hall)
11 - Guildford (Odeon)
Star Cinemas Tour
12,13,14           } Dewsbury, Pontefract, Newark
19,20,21,22,23 } Scunthorpe, Burnley' Leeds
16 - Brighton (Dome)
18 - Romford (Odeon)
19 - Leeds (Shaftesbury)
24 - York (Rialto)
?? - Bedford (Plaza)
?? - Ipswich (Gaumont)
?? - Salisbury (Gaumont)

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Betty Smith & Her Quintet (Manchester, Bedford, Romford)
Chris Allen Rhythm Group (Brighton, Ipswich, Salisbury)
Joy & Dave Adams
Mike Preston
Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys (not Bedford)
Johns and Kennedy (not Manchester)
Jimmy Tarbuck (compere)

Support will have varied

Cliff Richard
Wee Willie Harris
Tony Crobie & His Rockets
The Bachelors
Kerry Martin
Jimmy Tarbuck (compere)

Full copy of programme

January 11th 1959

Colchester (Regal)


Michael Holliday

January 11th 1959

London (Royal Albert Hall)

Artists appearing

Alma Cogan
The Chris Barber Jazz Band
Cliff Richard
Frankie Vaughan
Joe Henderson
John Barry Seven
The King Brothers
Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Marty Wilde
The Mudlarks
Pete Murray
Petula Clark
Ronnie Aldrich & The Squadronnaires
Ted Geath & His Music

"NME Poll Winners Concert"

Full copy of programme

January 1959

12 - Edinburgh (Empire) - two weeks

February 1959

02 - Glasgow (Empire) - two weeks

March 1959

09 - Sunderland (Empire) - week
16 - London (Metropolitan) - week
23 - Hanley (Theatre Royal) - week
30 - Carlisle (Her Majesties) - week

April 1959

06 - Aberdeen (Tivoli) - week

Jackie Dennis (Scotland's Decca recording star)
Desmond Lane (the penny whistle man)
The Liddell Triplets (The tuneful triplets)
Emerson & Jane (Going east)
Larry Grayson (He's priceless)
Eddie King & Jo Day (Tele-wise and sound foolish)
Kay & Kimberley (Canadian dancers)

Full copy of Metropolitan programme

January 17th 1959

Cheam (Baths Hall)

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Hi-Fi Rock Group
Phil Rogers Band

January 25th 1959

London (Hammersmith Commodore) - week



Cliff Richard
The Dallas Boys
Vince Taylor
The Vernons Girls
Neville Taylor & The Cutters
Peter Elliott
Cuddley Dudley
Lord Rockingham's XI
Jimmy Henney (compere)

"Oh Boy Stage Show"

Producer - Jack Good

Full copy of programme & "The Stage" article and photo

January 26th 1959

London - Finsbury Park Empire

The Stage Review

Marty Wilde
Chas McDevitt
Nancy Whiskey
Shirley Douglas
The Hi-Steppers
Fey Jover
Ronnie Collis
Daly & Wayne
Keity & Della

February 2nd  1959

Colchester (Hippodrome) - week


Shirley Bassey (at the piano - Les Sands)
Archie Robbins (Famous American raconteur)
Tony & Pauline Derrick (Melody for two)
The Landrigoes (Looping the loop)
Joe Baker & Jack Douglas (From ATV's "New Look")
Skating Merino
Ken Swan & McGee (Ventriloquist)
Marie de Vere Trio (Dance cocktail)
Van Dam & His Orchestra

Full copy of programme

February 2nd 1959

London (Lyceum Ballroom) - week

Cliff Richard

February 3rd 1959

Buddy Holly

Ritchie Valens

Big Bopper

This was recorded on the 21st October 1957. It was his first recording with an orchestral backing and also his first in stereo. He received the song from Paul Anka on the day that it was recorded. Raining In My Heart, Moondreams and True Love Ways were recorded at the same session.  It was released on the 5th January 1959 in the USA (peaked at 13 in February) but was not released in the UK until the 13th February when it went to number one.

The following week (28th October) he made his final appearance with the "original" Crickets on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens died in a plane crash near Mason City, Iowa


Mason City Globe-Gazette

Melody Maker

Record Mirror

Daily Mirror

Crash site monument

I can't remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died

Don McLean - American Pie

This is a fake but is used to illustrate a typical tour poster

Final concert was at Surf Ballroom, Clear Lake, Iowa

The Crickets were Tommy Allsup (g), Waylon Jennings (b), Carl Bunch (d). However, Bunch was in hospital suffering from frostbite at the time.

Born Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock, Texas on September 6th 1936. Holly was actually a mistake that was made on his first recording contract


Richard Valenzuela born May 13th 1941 in Paicoma, California

His first single was Come On, Let's Go which was a covered by Tommy Steel in 1958 (number 10). His follow up was a double A side - Donna & La Bamba . It only got to 29 in the UK charts in March 1959. Donna was covered by Marty Wilde (number 3)

Jiles Perry Richardson born October 24th 1930 in Sabine Pass, Texas.

Adopted the "Big Bopper" name when he was a DJ on KTRM, Beaumont. He released two singles Chantilly Lace and The Big Bopper's Wedding (both 1958). He also wrote Running Bear which was recorded by Johnny Preston.

February 1959

11 - Hull (Cecil Theatre) - may have been cancelled
12 - Wigan (Ritz) - may have been cancelled
13 - Newcastle (City Hall) - may have been cancelled
14 - Sheffield (City Hall)
15 - Edmonton (Regal)

21 - Birmingham
22 - Cheltenham (Gaumont)
23 - Kettering (Granada)
24 - Grantham (Granada)
25 - Mansfield (Granada)
26 - Aylesbury (Granada)
27 - Dartford (Granada)
28 - Tooting (Granada)


February 11th to 15th 1959

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Wee Willie Harris
Tony Crombie & His Rockets
Mike Preston

February 15th 1959

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Cherry Wainer
Five Dallas Boys
Neville Taylor

February 23rd to 28th 1959

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Wee Willie Harris
Johnny Duncan & The Blue Grass Boys
Tony Crombie & His Rockets

Unknown Date

Cliff Richard & The Drifters
Wee Willie Harris
Tony Crombie & His Rockets
The Bachelors
Kerry Martin
Jimmy Tarbuck (compere)

Full copy of the programme for the above [Flickr]

"Let's Move It"

Promoter - Arthur Howes

Full copy of Granada programme

Wee Willie Harris - Johnny Duncan - Cliff Richard

February 16th 1959

16 - Finsbury Park (Empire) - week
23 - Hanley (Theatre Royal) - week


The Mudlarks
Desmond Lane (The penny whistle boogie man)
Les Giross (Adagio dancers)
Mike & Bernie Winters (Those crazy funsters)
Craig Douglas (TV's talented teenage discoveries)
Avon Sisters (from the "oh Boy" TV show)
Bill Forbes
Richman & Jackson (The lively pair)
McAndrews & Mills (Artistry in rhythm)
The Empire Orchestra - Harry Warren


Full copy of Finsbury Park programme

February 1959

17 - Maidstone (Granada)
18 - Bedford (Granada)
19 - Woolwich (Granada)
20 - Kennington (Granada)
21 - Slough (Adelphi)


Michael Holliday
Kaye Sisters
Fraser Hayes Four
June Birch
Vic Gordon & Peter Colville
Dorothy Reid
Al Freid & His Orchestra


February 19th 1959

London (Prince of Wales Theatre) - a season

Shirley Bassey
Tommy Cooper

Blue Magic
"A Gay New Glamour Review"

Full copy of programme

February 1959

22 - Worksop (Regal)
23 - Wombell
24 - Scunthorpe
25 - Dewsbury
26 - Newark
27 - Burnley 0r Banbury
28 - York

March 1959

01 - Pontefract

The King Brothers (Britain's fabulous top tune trio)
The John Barry Seven with Lisa Page (Sensational rockin' men)
Russ Conway (King of the keyboard)
Don Rennie (Singing star of the 6.5 Special)
The Avon Sisters (Cool for Cats & Jack Jackson Show)
Margo & June (The gorgeous lovelies)
Reg Thompson (Compere)

Cover & Running Order

February 23rd 1959

Streatham (Streatham Hill Theatre)

Colin Hicks
Hy Hazell
Griffith Jones

"Expresso Bongo"

Book : Wolf Mankowitz & Julian More
Music : David Heneker & Monty Norman
Lyrics : Julian More, David Heneker & Monty Norman


Full copy of programme

February 23rd 1959

Peterborough (Embassy) - week

Lonnie Donegan with his Skiffle Group
Miki & Griff
Billy Dainty


February 1959

25 - London (Palace) - 4 nights

March 1959

01 - Bristol (Colston Hall)
02 - London (Palace) - week
09 - Glasgow (Empire) - week
15 - Newcastle (City Hall)
16 - Liverpool (Empire) - week
22 - Leicester (De Montfort Hall)

Her second tour


Connie Francis

Promoters - Lew & Leslie Grade/Arthur Howes

Palace Theatre, London

Connie Francis
Tony Dalli
George Martin (TV's casual comedian)
Pierre Bel (Continental Juggler)
Nino (The wonder dog)
Dennis Spicer (TV's brilliant ventriloquist)
Hedley Ward Trio (Music in the modern manner)
Six Flying De Pauls (Australian tumblers)
The John Tiller Girls
Harold Collins & The Orchestra

Empire, Glasgow

Connie Francis
Norman Vaughan (The furtive funster)
The Nordics (Britain's youngest equilibrists)
Frank Weir & His Orchestra
Hal Roach (Caught in the act)
Nenette Mongadors & Anna (Ace of clubs)
Clarkson & Leslie (Dance time again)

Full copy of Palace Theatre programme

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