Bradford is one of the most flourishing market towns in England, returning two members to Parliament. Is 200 miles NNW of London, 8 miles NE of Halifax, 10 miles W. by S. of Leeds, about 34 from York, and 35 from Manchester.

Picturesquely situate at the foot of three beautiful and extensive valleys, and possesses in the industry and intelligence of her manufacturers, in her mineral resources, and in the advantages of her situation all the requisites for retaining her in the proud position of the capital of the worsted trade.

In the spinning of worsted and the manufacture of worsted stuffs, mixed worsted, alpaca, mohaire (sic), broad and narrow cloths, cotton and silk fabrics, and in the dyeing of such goods a very extensive trade is carried on.

In the manufacture of wool cards, ivory, and horn combs a number of hands are employed.

The beds of coal lying around Bradford are probably the most valuable in the kingdom, and the whole district abounds in ironstone, flagstone and slate quarries, and there is excellent canal and railway communication with all the important towns in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The exterior of her houses, princely suburban residencies, churches, chapels, charitable institutions, educational establishments, and all her public buildings are built entirely of stone; and in architectural taste Bradford has kept pace with the progress she has rapidly made in commercial matters.

Monday and Thursdays are market days for manufactured goods, and a large business is done in provisions on Saturdays; and there are three important annual fairs.

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